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jebus kreist

that was some shit. hahaha...you sick bastard. cut her open, poop on her, eat your poop, throw up on her, fuck her dead mouth. that was pretty funny, man. you're sick though. he should've just shaved her bush, not cut her open


if it weren't for a handful of minor problems, i'd say this flash was good...maybe TOO good.
1) the couple wasn't more than just a fling. he didn't need to go all reptile-man on anybody.
2) the building walls were obviously plain and not worked on.
3) that half-assed reference to the lamp wasn't enough to justify calling the flash "Aladdin" anything.
Amazing flash though. extremely artsy and well done. it's obvious that you put lots of time into it.

come on

you could've done this way better. you half-assed it like no other. this submission should not be put on the front page solely because of your lack of effort.

there were some badass animations for tenths of seconds. you could have drawn things out and presented it better. this flash had some insane potential but botched it up.

great drawings though. and it was fun to watch them move for the short time they were in animation


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don't you think the third boss should've been ground-based granted you gave the little grenade gun that only blows up on the ground in that level. i'd been using green lasers that level and ran out during the boss. the #1 weapon didn't do shit.so i had to quit, otherwise i would've been at that boss forever. WEAK!

cool game though

oh man

i haven't written a review in a long time, and i don't intend to now. i just wanted to say this game was pretty fuckin comical. i've never been a fan of that whole chuck norris being funny trend (which doesn't seem to be dying), but this game was so well contrived that i am almost a fan. that mario kart part was hilarious. if only there WERE a character in those games that just knocked out other characters because of brute size and force. and i feel sorry for the kids who are saying "it's CHUCK NORRIS not tchaqui nouris!" i'd like to think they're kidding, but who knows....some kids are that dense

for everyone but you: CHUCK NORRIS JOKES NEED TO STOP

the thing is....

you confused a lot of verbs with infinitive phrases....which are nouns. for example (and if you've already realised this, don't read on): to fuck <--fuck is not a verb in this sense; "to fuck" is a noun. to read, to learn, to inquire, to quiz <------those are all nouns. look it up. just as adding ing to most verbs turns them in to gerunds. "I enjoy critiquing." <-- critiquing here is a noun. it's also a direct object, and, as you oughta know, verbs cannot be direct objects. you can't love a verb. you can't hit a verb. nah nah nah. there's a lesson for you. remake your game, and on master level, make it to where kids can't win.

"if she got a C cup, i'd take her out to dinner"

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